Whitepaper for Project V4EX

This Whitepaper for Project V4EX is effective as of June 25, 2022.

Major Terms

  • Project V4EX
  • Team V4EX
  • V4EX Token
  • V4EX Inc.

What is Project V4EX

First we look at the Vision and Mission of V4EX Inc.

Our vision & mission are to accelerate the pace of beyond all gods for all mankind.

Xuwei.LiXuwei Li President & CEO, V4EX Inc.

Businesses operated by V4EX Inc. accountable as Project V4EX are:

  • All Open Source Software Engineering
  • All Licensable Royalities Collected by through V4EX License
  • Applications, Tools created by Team V4EX to add value to $V4EX

What is V4EX Token

V4EX Token ($V4EX) is a smart contract (TBQqQ4vuKMtLXzTSQQggbXcDX1ppPyiga8) based cryptocurrency on TRON Blockchain.

V4EX Token is NOT a Security Token, it ONLY functions as an Utility Token.

V4EX Inc. permanently insures the notorious Back to Zero risk for V4EX Token. V4EX Inc. pledges and underwites at least US$0.0001 per V4EX Token in circulation by its stock shares holding of public companies.


How much does $V4EX worth?
At least US$0.0001 per V4EX Token which underwritten by V4EX Inc.

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